Dr Bhuwan Bhaskar Agrawal joins Steer as an Associate

Dr Bhuwan Bhaskar Agrawal - Welcome to SteerSteer is delighted to announce the appointment of Dr Bhuwan Bhaskar Agrawal as an Associate based in our Delhi office in India.

With a background in transport, Bhuwan has led multi-national professional teams, managed projects, conducted studies and advised multilateral agencies, governments, lenders and developers on various strategic transportation projects across the globe.

His experience focuses on strategic planning and analysis, public and private partnerships, demand and revenue forecasts, feasibility studies, and cross-sector collaborations with financial, architectural, geotechnical, social, and environmental sectors.

Bhuwan played a key role as a transportation specialist advisor to the Asian Development Bank for their industrial/economic corridors and regional cooperation initiatives in Asia. In addition, he has provided consulting services to various airports across India, Thailand and Iraq, and roads/highways across India, UAE, Kuwait. In the Americas, based in Washington DC, he led various transport studies and analysis in the USA and South America.

Bhuwan previously headed Aviation for Louis Berger in India, where he led the consulting team that helped the government in the concession agreements for two of the most significant greenfield airports in India at Navi Mumbai and Mopa. Bhuwan has also led numerous roads, urban transport, metro and water-transport projects.

In addition to leading project development and transportation strategies, Bhuwan will drive the offer in the sustainable transport ecosystem, such as ESG aspects, e-mobility, NMT, in sync with Steer’s Sustainability & Net Zero Carbon objectives.

Dr Bhuwan Bhaskar Agrawal - Welcome to Steer - Serbjeet Kohli Director at Steer quote



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